Release & Submission Rules For Recipes




Composed Media Ltd. requires Creators of Recipes in Composed Media Ltd. publications to provide a formal written Consent to Publish.

Composed Media Ltd. strongly recommends that Creators of Original Recipes provide a full Transfer of Copyright to Composed Media Ltd. (the “Publisher”).

The signed Consent to Publish gives the Publisher the permission of the Creator to publish the Recipe.

The signed Transfer of Copyright empowers the Publisher to protect the Recipe against unauthorized use and to maintain the integrity of the Recipe from a bibliographical and archival standpoint.

If there are multiple Creators of the Recipe governed by this Consent to Publish, the term “Creator” as used in this Consent refers to each and all of them, jointly and severally.

The Publisher hereby requests that the Creator of the Recipe complete and return this form promptly so that the Recipe may be readied for publication.

Title of Recipe:


Name of Publication:

Composed Media Ltd. / Hot Shot Times / Recipes 5 Ingredients or Less

  1. The Creator hereby consents to publication of the Recipe in any and all Composed Media Ltd. publications.
  1. The Creator warrants that the Recipe has not been published before in any form except as a preprint, that the Recipe is not being concurrently submitted to and is not under consideration by another publisher, that the persons listed above are listed in the proper order and that no Creator entitled to credit has been omitted, and generally that the Creator has the right to make the grants made to the Publisher complete and unencumbered.

The Creator also warrants that the Recipe does not libel anyone, infringe anyone’s copyright, or otherwise violate anyone’s statutory or common law rights.

  1. The Creator hereby transfers to the Publisher the copyright of the Recipe. As a result, the Publisher shall have the exclusive and unlimited right to publish the Recipe wholly or in part throughout the World in all languages and all media for all applicable terms of copyright. This transfer includes all subsidiary rights subject only to Paragraph 4.
  1. Whether or not Paragraph 3 applies to the Recipe, the following will apply:
  1. a) The Creator may reproduce the Recipe in any medium for educational use and for personal research purposes.
  2. b) The Creator may provide copies of the Recipe to any person with whom the Creator is engaged in scientific research or dialogue.
  3. c) The Creator may post the final draft of the Recipe, as it exists immediately prior to editing and production by the Publisher, on the Creators own website or on non-commercial pre-printed servers like Such a draft is called the “Prepublication Draft.”
  4. d) If the Creator’s institution requires or strongly recommends that the Creator do so, the Creator may provide a copy of the Prepublication Draft to the institution for inclusion in its own database—preferably in the password-protected portion thereof—provided that no charge is made for access to or use of the contents of such database. This may be done only after publication by the Publisher.
  5. e) No fee may be charged for any use covered by (a) through (d) above.
  6. f) The Creator will not license the Recipe to any commercial database, document delivery service, or other service for reproduction, distribution, display or transmission of copies of the Recipe on a standalone basis.
  7. g) The Creator may use part or all of the Recipe in the Creator’s own future publications.
  8. h) In any reproduction by the Creator or the Creators licensees, the original publication by the Publisher must be credited in the following manner: “First published in (Publication) in (volume and number, or year), published by Composed Media Ltd.,” and the copyright notice in proper form must be placed on all copies.

If Paragraph 3 applies to the Recipe, any publication or other form of reproduction not meeting these requirements will be deemed to be unauthorized.

  1. If the Creator wishes to retain copyright in the Recipe, in the Creator’s name or the name of a third part (e.g., employer), the Creator may strike out Paragraph 3 above, but the Creator’s retained rights will still be subject to the conditions stated in Paragraph 4. In this case the Creator nevertheless gives the Publisher unlimited rights throughout the world for all terms of copyright:
  1. to publish and distribute the Recipe in any form and in all media now known or hereafter discovered,
  2. to translate the Recipe and exercise all rights in all media in the resulting translation,
  3. to transfer or sublicense the foregoing rights in whole or in part to third parties, and
  4. to accept and retain payment for these. The Publisher will also have the following exclusive rights:
    1. first publication rights in the English language, subject only to Paragraph 4 (a) and (b) above, which exclusivity will expire if the Recipe is not published within three years of the date this Consent is signed;
    1. the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, display , and transmit copies of the Recipe in a manner that reproduces the image of the Recipe as published by the Publisher, and to authorize others to do so, except for those uses described in Paragraph 4 (a) and (b) above;
    1. the exclusive right to authorize reproduction for educational uses at institutions other than the Creator’s own;
    1. the exclusive right to authorize reproduction within commercial research organizations other than the Creator’s own;

In each case of authorized duplication of the Recipe in whole or in part, the Creator must still ensure that the original publication by the Publisher is properly credited.

If copyright is not to be transferred to the Publisher, please indicate how the copyright line should read:

  1. If the Creator(s) transfers copyright to the Publisher, the Creator(s) may dedicate the article to the public domain after 28 years from the date of publication.

Recipe in the public domain are not protected by copyright and can be used freely by anyone. To choose whether to dedicate this article to the public domain after 28 years, choose one of the options below.

Yes  I choose to dedicate this Recipe to the public domain 28 years from the date of publication

NO  I do not choose to dedicate this Recipe to the public domain.

  1. This form is to be signed by the Creator or, in the case of “Recipe-made-for-hire,” by the employer.If there is more than one Creator, then either all must sign Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreements, or one may sign for all provided the signer appends a statement signed by all Creators that attests that each of them has approved this agreement and has agreed to be bound by it. (In such event the Publisher may deal exclusively with the signer in all matters regarding the Recipe.)

This Agreement will be governed by the laws of British Columbia and will be binding on, and inure to the benefit of, the Creator’s heirs and personal representatives and the Publisher’s successors and assigns.




By Clicking “YES” I Acknowledge that I have Read the Official Rules and Accept Them.